A Taste of Home

by James Jordan

Suamico, Wisconsin. Little Red decides to drop in on Booth, an old school buddy, who took a career path in the restaurant industry.


“Hey, Booth,” says Little Red. “How’s business?”

“Fantastic,” replies Booth. “The people up here are literally eating this stuff up.”

“What stuff?”

“Chicago stuff. You know, Italian Beef, Chicago Hot Dogs, all of that.”

“Wait. We’re just seven miles out of Green Bay and the people up here are pigging out on Chicago food?”

“Most of them have never had the stuff,” explains Booth. “They think it’s the best food they’ve ever eaten.”

“So what’s all that junk over there in the corner — lights, reflectors, all that?”

“The owner has some hot shot photographer from Chicago here today to shoot some food pictures. Same guy who provided the pictures on the walls here.”

“I see,” said LR.


Little Red hops on a table to get a better look. The photographer spots him.

“Hey, you. The red guy.”

“Me? What do you want?”

“You’d be perfect.”

“Perfect? For what?”

“To hold some of this food. Come over here.”


Red nervously steps onto the set. “W-what do you want me to do?”

“Just stand there and look pretty,” says the hot shot photographer. “Oh, and don’t drop the food. It took us a long time to style that just right.”

Little Red tried not to appear nervous as the final adjustments were made. The shutter clicked and the lights flashed.


“This kid’s a natural,” said the photographer.

“I’ve never seen my Italian Beef look so good,” gushed the owner. “I gotta know what he can do with a Chicago dog.”




“Kid, you just might make it in a modeling career.”


After yesterday’s fiasco at the Blue Harbor Resort, today’s adventure at Big Beef City has Little Red feeling ten feet tall.


Big Beef City in Suamico, Wisconsin

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