About Me

I am a writer and editor with 30+ years of experience in a global Christian youth ministry.

My interests, of which I have many, include:

Birding — I have discovered and identified 473 different species of North American birds. My goal is to reach 500 and to have a chance to bird on another continent someday.

Walking — I always get in at least five miles five times a week. It’s exercise, yes. But it’s also when I come up with ideas for my current writing assignments.

Reading — I created my own list of over 600 classic books and then read them all. I’ve read biographies of all the Presidents. I read history, essays, travel, fiction — unless it’s a phone book, I’ll give it a try. I might even read the phone book if there aren’t any other books around.

Photography — I’m pretty good at finding photographs, not as good at taking them. But as you can see from this blog, I enjoy trying.

Baseball — I’m a lifetime, avid Cubs fan.

Travel — With the exception of brief trips to Canada and Mexico, my travel has all been in the United States, but I love doing it.

I am always looking for ways I can use my skills. I’m happy to write and edit freelance. You can contact me at rmasseywrites@gmail.com.