Adventures In Couch Shopping

Last night Sally and I went to the Carson Pirie Scott Furniture Gallery in Schaumburg, chiefly because we’ve already been to every other furniture gallery in the greater midwest. And we’re not even ready to buy a couch yet. We have plans to refinish our living room sometime this summer, and Sally wants to be able to picture her couch in her mind. As a loving husband, I enthusiastically join her.

The place was very crowded, as you can see.

There were a few other customers, but the most obvious visitor was the rat we heard running around in the ceiling back in one of the quiet corners. We saw a few employees, but they ignored us except for one older gentleman who asked us if we needed any help in a tone of voice that conveyed “You don’t really want any help from me because there isn’t a chance on earth you’re going to buy anything, is there?” I’m sure it wasn’t anything I was doing that gave him that impression. We did see some very nice, albeit very expensive, couches.

Sally found one or two that she liked, which means that I did too. All in all, I found it a very rewarding adventure.

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