America’s Cardboard Cup Regatta

My niece and nephew came to town for a 10-day visit. On the last Saturday in June, my daughter and I took them to Crystal Lake to see the 25th America’s Cardboard Cup Regatta. Maybe 50 boats were entered in various design and racing categories — all constructed with cardboard and duct tape. The course ran along the shore from one end of the public beach to the other.

It was hot and muggy. We spent most of the time in a sliver of shade along a building where we had a pretty good view of the crowd and the races. When the shade disappeared, we left, even though the regatta wasn’t over.

This “boat” was designed like the house in the Pixar movie, Up. It won second place for design and first place for “most spectacular sinking.” We saw that moment. Seconds after the race began, the entire house blew off the base.

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