Around Colorado Springs

Sally and I spent much of the day touring our new city. We began at Over Easy, a breakfast/lunch place that gets great reviews.


We waited 30 minutes for a table. The food was good—good enough to go back sometime, but not so good that we won’t look for another breakfast place.


The staff, and there was a lot of them, was very friendly. When they were late bringing me my pancake, they gave me a second one to take home for free.

Here’s the view from the parking lot. I only post this because there are views like this from a lot of Colorado Springs parking lots.


In Old Colorado City, we happened upon this log cabin with a false front. It  was built in 1859 and used, at one time or another, as the county office building, a Chinese laundry, and an antique store.


That was pretty much the excitement on the day. We finished off with a much-needed car wash.



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