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Toothday Morning

It began a little over a week ago with an on-again-off-again niggling pain in the tooth nearest the gap created when I had my wisdom tooth pulled in October. I thought nothing of it—those type of small discomforts come and … Continue reading

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Never In My Life Have I Needed a Bathroom So Badly

It had taken us an hour and 50 minutes to get to Dillon from our house. We figured it would take a little longer to get home. For the entire 40 miles from Idaho Springs to Dillon, eastbound traffic had … Continue reading

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Ice Castles

Somebody has figured out how to make icicles and fuse them together to make walls and towers and other formations. The company looks for places— Minnesota, Utah, Alberta—where it stays cold long enough to build a castle. This year, the … Continue reading

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Not a Western Screech-Owl

A Western Screech-Owl, a would-be lifer, was discovered hanging out in a cottonwood tree in southern El Paso County, at a regional park called Clear Springs Ranch. It was first seen on the last Sunday in January, but by the … Continue reading

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