Back to the Brown Hotel

Last year, while in Louisville for a conference, I ate a “hot brown” at J. Graham’s Cafe in the Brown Hotel. When I told Sally about it, she said she wanted to go. This time, the hot brown was on the breakfast menu. I ordered an amazing omlette and helped Sally with her hot brown.





The guy who was host last year was there again. He, and all the servers, were very attentive and polite. There is a feel that you’re getting an old-fashioned sort of service. He recommended that we look around the hotel, so we did. Here’s the lobby.


I wanted to take Sally to Joe Ley Antiques. The web site said it was open, but it wasn’t. A sign on the gate said it was “closed today due to an emergency.” I have no idea how long the sign had been up. I gave Sally a driving tour of downtown Louisville and then headed back to Indiana.

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