Batcolumn — Chicago, Illinois

Sally and I took the Metra into Chicago for a day of adventure. (In case you haven’t figured it out, we’re vacationing close to home this year.) Our first stop after we got off the train was the very first item on the list of 30 Things Everyone Should do in ChicagolandGet your picture taken by the Batcolumn at the Harold Washington Social Security Administration Building Plaza.

This was an easy one to achieve — it’s just a block west of the Metra station.  As you exit the train station, look to your right. You can’t miss it. Sally took the photo above — I’m in the shadows just across the street.

We crossed the street to get a closer look. The column was designed by Claes Oldenburg and put up in 1977, when I was at Moody. I remember seeing it for the first time as I entered what was then the Chicago & Northwestern station to take the train home. It’s 96 feet, eight inches high on a four-foot base and nine feet, nine inches wide. It’s made of steel and aluminum.

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  1. kelli says:

    ridiculous that i can’t picture this… even after taking the train downtown during school and all the times we’ve visited. next time i’ll try looking right instead of left, i guess!

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