Battery Robinett — Corinth, Mississippi

Sally’s brother Tim was getting married in Hot Springs, Arkansas on the 25th, so we decided to head down a week early and make a vacation of it.

We left early in the morning and by lunchtime were in Metropolis, Illinois. We stopped long enough to say hello to Superman and eat lunch at a Sonic drive-in.

That was exciting, but the rest of the day wasn’t. It was around 90 degrees and we didn’t have air conditioning in our car. And Beth, who was two, brought along her toy radio that played Toyland. She played it over and over and over and over …

We stayed the night at an Econo Lodge in Corinth, Mississippi. There was a small park nearby with some remains of Civl War entrenchments, so we drove over to see what there was to see.

Beth brought her radio (visible in the photograph), so we were able to climb on the works to the tune of Toyland, which was nice.

This next photo is a postcard.

The back of the postcard says: An attempt by the Confederates led by Col. William P. Rogers to retake Corinth took place at this site following the battle of Shiloh. Col. Rogers died after placing his regimental flag on the works. The Confederate Monument on the lawn of the Alcorn County Courthouse is dedicated to the bravery of this man.

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