Best Day Ever, Part Two — Scenic Highway 7

For much of the day, we were on Scenic Highway 7, one of the primary tourist attractions in the state of Arkansas. The views are stunning as the road winds up, down and around the Boston Mountains, but the tourism obviously can’t sustain a lot of businesses. It is pretty cool when your trip is almost as incredible as your destination.




Here’s a short clip of what it was like to drive the winding road.

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OK, just kidding. Here’s what it was really like driving down the longest downhill stretch on the highway. You can hear us chatting in the background.

Notice also the sad state of the trees. A huge ice storm hit Arkansas last January, and the damage is still visible.  Tree branches are broken off and short twigs from this year’s growth sprout in all directions. You can start seeing the damage about 20 seconds in.

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At the end of the video, you can see Jasper, Arkansas. We pulled over across from a pizza place, but it was closed. We bought “lunch” at a gas station store — significant because it was the place I purchased the last Slim Jim I will ever eat. There was a small picnic area between the gas station and the Little Buffalo River that featured this sign.


We soon turned off Highway 7 onto dirt roads that led into Buffalo National River, part of the National Park Service.  The last time Tim and Joshua were up here, they spotted several Elk in the woods. We drove slowly and kept our eyes open. We saw several White-tailed Deer, but no Elk.

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