Bird #134 — Lark Sparrow

chondestes (from chondros, grain, and edestes, eater)grammacus (lined)

Thursday, May 1, 1980 — 4:45 pm

Deerfield, Illinois — Trinity College

This was one of the last times I went to Trinity for classes.  I had been taking psychology classes so I could go into counseling.  After two semesters, I no longer wanted to be a counselor.  I had begun to hate psychology and Trinity.

I was walking around before class, back by the baseball diamond.  There was a weed-covered dirt hill in the corner near the woods.  As I walked up the slope, the sparrow flew out of the weeds and landed facing me about 40 feet away in a row of brush and trees.  It was a beautiful bird with a striking head pattern and a white-edged tail that fanned out in flight.

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