Bird #136 — Northern Parula

parula (little titmouse) americana (of America)

Tuesday, May 6, 1980 — 2:15 pm

Pontiac, Illinois — Vermilion River

I had to get my Datsun to Pontiac so Gerber Hackett could fix it for me.  Gerber was in Pontiac to hear Dad who was conducting a family living seminar in town.  I was supposed to drop the car off at Mom and Dad’s hotel so Gerber could pick it up after the seminar and take it to Kankakee.  Paul followed me down in his car to give me a ride home.  When we got to the hotel, Mom and Dad were nowhere to be found.

Paul and I wandered over to the Vermilion River that ran next to the hotel.  We sat on the bank to pass the time.  I spotted the Parula foraging in the trees near the bridge that carries the Amtrak tracks across the river.  It was with a flock of Myrtle Warblers.  I was able to approach within three feet.

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