Bird #138 — Indigo Bunting

passerina (sparrowlike) cyanea (dark blue)

Friday, May 9, 1980 — 7:10 am

Conway, Arkansas — Happy Valley Road

I got up early in the morning to bird around my in-law’s house. Sally actually got up and went out with me. I think she wanted her parents to think we did this sort of stuff together. I think this was the last time we did this sort of stuff together, at least at this time of the morning.

We walked along the road up the hill.  Near the top, we saw the Indigo Bunting foraging in some bushes in the woods next to the road.  We watched it for a minute, then walked on. On the way back down, we saw it singing from the top of a small evergreen close to where we had earlier seen it.

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