Bird #149 — Great Egret

casmerodius (from kosmos, ornament and herodios, a heron) albus (white)

Monday, May 12, 1980 — 4:30 pm

Conway, Arkansas — Sturgis Road

Sally and her mom went into town right after the thunderstorm ended.  I hitched a ride part way and got dropped off at the bridge on Sturgis Road.  The creek had overflowed and flooded the surrounding cow pastures, making an acres-wide puddle.  I hung around the area until the girls returned and picked me up.

I didn’t see many birds while I was there but I did see two Great Egrets.  They were flying over the field about 40 feet over the water and continued in a straight line until they disappeared.

Later this evening, Art and Beverly gave us a ride into Little Rock, and we caught the Amtrak at midnight for the trip back to Chicago.  We arrived at Union Station early Tuesday afternoon.

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