Bird #150 — Blackburnian Warbler

dendroica (from dendron, tree, and oikein, to dwell) fusca (dark)

Thursday, May 15, 1980 — 11:30 am

Des Plaines, Illinois — West Grant Drive

This was one of the birds that got me started birding in the first place.  I saw one in the summer of ‘78 up by Dad’s house in McNaughton, Wisconsin, and I got a big kick out of identifying it.  The experience got me thinking about starting to list the birds I saw.

This was the first Blackburnian Warbler I had seen since then, and it didn’t take too much effort.  I noticed a few warblers flitting around the neighborhood, and I wandered around with my binoculars looking at them.  On West Grant Drive, a yard beyond my backyard, I spotted this male foraging in a Norway maple over the road.  I felt a bit conspicuous standing in the middle of a residential area with binoculars, but I didn’t let that stop me.

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