Bird #172 — Bald Eagle

haliaeetus (sea eagle) leucocephalus (from leukos, white, and kephale, head)

Friday, July 4, 1980 — 6:30 pm

McNaughton, Wisconsin — Spider Lake

I assure you that I did no manipulating of any sort in order to see my lifer Bald Eagle on the Fourth of July.  It really happened that way.

It was a beautiful evening, and Sal and I decided to go for a row around the lake in Dad’s boat.  We were lazing about in the big bay, the one by Fort Wilderness.  We spotted the Bald Eagle soaring over the woods behind Trepte’s point.  It dove out of sight behind the tree line for a short time, then reappeared, flapping slowly out of sight over Fort Wilderness.

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