Bird #181 — Golden-winged Warbler

vermivora (from vermis, worm, and vorare, to devour) chrysoptera (from chrysos, gold, and pteron, wing)

Sunday, August 17, 1980 — 3:40 pm

Barrington, Illinois — Crabtree Nature Center

By this time, Sally had decided she wasn’t going to be a birder.  She enjoyed looking at the ones that came to our feeder, and she liked looking at them in the field, but she didn’t like looking for them.  She would occasionally come along with me when I was going somewhere tame.

We were walking along the trail that skirts the end of Sulky Pond.  At one point, the woods clears out into a small area of brush and tangles.  A flock of small birds were flitting through the area and we stopped to watch.  We saw a beautiful Golden-winged Warbler in the flock.  It was foraging low in the woods about 25 feet from the pond.  I got a good, short look before it flitted out of sight.

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