Bird #186 — Double-crested Cormorant

phalacrocorax (from phalakros, bald, and kora, crow or raven)auritus (crested)

Sunday, October 5, 1980 — 2:30 pm

Barrington, Illinois — Baker’s Lake

Melanie was a girl who went to Des Plaines Bible Church.  She was a few years younger than I was, and I didn’t know her very well.  When I was at Moody, she married Pat Rice.  Dad gave them premarital counseling, and they kinda hung on to him after that.  Dad held a weekly Bible study in our home for us and our friends and invited the Rices.  Dad’s big thing at this time was that everyone should have a hobby.  He recommended that Pat take up birding, and he did for a while.

I got along with Pat pretty well, but he and Sally never hit it off.  He was extremely smart but unpolished and pushy.  They went to the King James Bible Church, whose sole purpose for existence was to promote the idea that the KJV was more inspired than any other version, including the original Greek.  Pat and I used to go around and around on this and other topics.

Anyway, we ran into them at Baker’s Lake on this Sunday afternoon and walked with them down to the shore.  The Double-crested Cormorant was standing on a mud bar well out in the lake.  When we first saw it, its wings were spread out.  It sat upright with its neck in an “S” shape.

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