Bird #212 — Little Blue Heron

egretta (diminutive of heron) caerulea (blue)

Friday, September 18, 1981 — 2:10 pm

Mayflower, Arkansas — Lake Conway

Sally and Idrove down to her parents' house in Arkansas for a short stay for her sister Peggy’s wedding.  I decided to escape the pre-wedding chaos at the house and do some bird-related exploring.  Sal and Phillip decided to come along for the ride.  We drove to Bell Slough Wildlife Area in Mayflower, about six miles from the house.  The area was crawling with hunters and fishermen, so we didn’t wander around much.  We stood on the dam and looked out over the lake for a few minutes.  While we were doing that, on Osprey flew over.

I headed slowly back toward the house.  Near the Mayflower exit off Interstate 40, the road cuts across a corner of Lake Conway on a causeway.  To one side was a large bay full of standing tree stumps.  On the other side was a long, narrow bay covered with lily pads from shore to shore.  I pulled off to the side of the road and scanned the area.  I spotted the Little Blue Heron standing near the shore about 80 yards away.  It was standing still when I first saw it.  After about 30 seconds, it flew to another spot and stood still again.  It kept repeating this behavior, standing still for a while, then flying or wading to another spot and standing again.

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