Bird #233 — Mourning Warbler

oporornis (from opora, autumnal, and ornis, bird) philadelphia (Alexander Wilson discovered this warbler on the borders of a marsh near Philadelphia in 1810)

Thursday, July 22, 1982 — 3:50 pm

Munising, Michigan — Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Sally and I spent a few days at Dad’s house and a few in Munising with Dave and Donna Pearson.  By this day, I had worn the others out with my fast-paced vacationing, and the Pearsons decided to take a nap.  Sally and I took a walk down the road from our cabin to a sandy point in Munising Bay.  The road passed through woods about 100 yards from Lake Superior with scattered houses on the water side. 

I noticed the Mourning Warbler foraging in thick bushes right along the road.  I heard it chipping and saw it briefly before it hopped down into the bush out of sight.  It reappeared when I pished, and I got a good long look as it fluttered around.

A short time later, I spotted a couple of Broad-winged Hawks perched in a tree in the woods.  We continued walking to the point, hung around for a short time, then walked back to the cabin.  It was a four-mile round trip, and Sal was bushed.  Her feet hurt, and she didn’t want to stop to look at birds.  But we worked things out.  When I stopped to look at something, she kept on walking.  When I got done looking, I ran to catch up with her.

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