Bird #238 — Blue Grosbeak

guiraca (South American name for some bird) caerulea (blue)

Sunday, May 1, 1983 — 8:30 am

Conway, Arkansas — Sperry’s house

This was the first year that work didn’t shut down for the last two weeks of July.  This meant I could take my vacation when I wanted to, so I chose May, of course.  We decided to visit Sally’s family in Arkansas.

When we arrived on Saturday evening, Art asked me, “Have you ever seen a Blue Grosbeak?”  When I answered in the negative, he told me that my luck might be changing because he’d been seeing one daily in the yard.

The next morning when I went outside, I saw one almost immediately.  It was perched in a small bush in the backyard, near the porch.  It flew to the ground, foraged around a bit, then flew off. Later I saw it on a wire in the backyard, singing.

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