Bird #243 — White-eyed Vireo

vireo (bird) griseus (gray, grizzly)

Wednesday, May 4, 1983 — 2:25 pm

Little Rock, Arkansas — Boyle Park

I went into Little Rock with Sally and Beverly.  In the morning, we went to the Arkansas Territorial Restoration and the Old State House.  Peggy was working downtown at the time, and she joined us for lunch.  In the afternoon, Sal and her mom went shopping and I went birding at Boyle Park.  I looked at the map and saw the park was on the other side of town.  I settled in for a long drive, being used to Chicago and knowing how long it would take to get across town.  About five minutes later I almost drove past the place.  Little Rock is no Chicago.

Boyle Park sits in a valley in the center of town.  It is heavily wooded with deciduous trees and pines.  A creek cuts through the park and a dam creates a small pond.  I was walking down one of the paths near the pond when I spotted the White-eyed Vireo.  It was moving fairly quickly, usually about five feet off the ground.  It came within fifteen feet of where I stood.

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