Bird #263 — Costa’s Hummingbird

calypte (hood or veil) costae (given in 1839 by Bourcier in honor of Louis Marie Pantaleon Cost, Marquis of Beau-Regard, in 19th-century France, owner of a large collection of hummingbirds)

Saturday, March 31, 1984 — 12:00 noon

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Arizona

Dad spent much of his time carving birds and other things out of exotic hardwoods.  He took a piece of wood and sandpaper with him wherever he went.  When he found out the sawdust of some woods were toxic, he rigged up an arrangement where one hand and the wood were in a plastic bag that was rubber-banded around his wrist. 

We left him whittling on a bench in the park and wandered around the park some more.  I spotted this gorgeous Costa’s Hummingbird as it flew up to the red flowers on an ocotillo stalk, hovered briefly, then flew off.

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