Bird #272 — Mexican Jay

aphelocoma (from apheles, smooth, and kome, hair) ultramarina (blue)

Sunday, April 1, 1984 — 9:45 am

Coronado National Forest, Arizona — Road between Continental and Sonoita

We continued along the dirt road through the scrubby, rocky Santa Rita Mountains.  The road cut through a pass, along the edge of a canyon, with a drop of 150 feet on the right and a wall of rock on the left.  There was no guardrail, and this made Sally very nervous.  Dad had a good time teasing her about it, and made Mom stop so Sal could get out and look over the edge.  This didn’t make her feel better.  The mountains were not very imposing at that point, and in a matter of minutes, we had crossed the crest and started down the other side.

In the foothills on the east side, we spotted some large, blue Mexican Jays flying through the scattered oaks.  We pulled over to watch as they flew tree to tree, calling loudly. 

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