Bird #277 — Ladder-backed Woodpecker

picoides (from picus, a woodpecker, and eidos, appearance) scalaris (ladder)

Sunday, April 1, 1984 — 12:15 pm

Patagonia, Arizona — Patagonia-Sonoita Creek Sanctuary

It was very difficult birding with three non-birders (or casual birders).  Take this bird, for example.  As we were driving to the sanctuary, I spotted a small black and white woodpecker in the woods along the road.  I called for Mom to stop the van, but Sal said it was just a Downy, so Mom drove on.  I took it stoically.

Then, when we were walking through the woods, I spotted two Ladder-backed Woodpeckers climbing about on the trunks of the cottonwoods right at the edge of the creek.  We watched them for a few minutes until they flew across the creek and disappeared into the woods. When Sal saw them, she asked, “Is this the bird you saw earlier along the road?”  She felt a little badly, but not too much, since I saw the bird after all.

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