Bird #289 — Blue-throated Hummingbird

lampornis (from lampis, a lamp, and ornis, bird) clemenciae (given in 1830 by Rene Primivere Lesson, French naturalist, explorer and collector of birds for his wife, Clemence, a painter of flowers and birds)

Sunday, April 1, 1984 — 4:45 pm

Coronado National Forest, Arizona — Ramsey Canyon Preserve

This Blue-throated Hummingbird hovered briefly a few times at one of the feeders by the cabins in the narrow, wooded canyon.  Many hummingbirds were constantly darting in and out of the woods along the nearby creek.  They were stunningly beautiful, but almost as enjoyable was the sense of never knowing what was going to pop out next. 

After a half hour in the canyon, I was frozen stiff, but I could have stayed indefinitely.  Unfortunately, the preserve closed at 5:00, and we had a fairly long drive back to Tucson, so we had to go.

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