Bird #300 — Bronzed Cowbird

molothrus (vagabond) aeneus (of bronze)

Tuesday, April 3, 1984 — 12:30 pm

Amado, Arizona — Cow Palace Restaurant

This was not an exciting bird for a major milestone.  But I get ahead of myself.  Mom and Dad were feeling sorry for Sally because we had been doing so much birding.  They decided to do something that she would enjoy, like go to Mexico.  Why anyone would enjoy going to Mexico is a mystery to me.  Especially when there are birds to be seen elsewhere.

We stopped before we got to the border at the Cow Palace Restaurant.  This place is right off Interstate 19, surrounded by scrubby desert.  I thought we went there because the food was good, but that misconception was soon cleared up.  I ordered a hamburger.  I’m not sure what I got.  I do know it had a lot of hard chunks in it.  I didn’t eat much.  I wandered outside into the parking lot.


A Bronzed Cowbird was sitting high in a tree right in front of the parked van. I had no trouble identifying it in spite of the fact that it was missing most of its neck feathers.

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