Bird #308 — Cinnamon Teal

anas (duck) cyanoptera (from kuanos, blue, and pteron, wing)

Friday, April 6, 1984 — 1:35 pm

Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico

Almost as soon as I saw the American Avocets, I saw the Cinnamon Teals.  They were swimming in a shallow pool near the headquarters building.  Occasionally, one would dip end-up in the water. The pond was surrounded by dry scrub.

We turned onto the auto-tour route that circled a large slough.  It was a dirt road, and Dad immediately began worrying about the van and how loaded down it was.  Every time I hit a bump, he yelled at me, although I was going about three mph and the entire road was bumps.  It was a one-way road and I had no choice but to continue.  He seemed unwilling to understand this and began nagging me to leave.  This didn’t make for very pleasant birding, but I did my best.

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