Bird #46 — Brown Thrasher

toxostoma (from toxon, bow, and stema, bill) rufum (red or rufous)

Tuesday, August 28, 1979 — 5:30 pm

Northbrook, Illinois — residential area

I saw this Brown Thrasher while on my roofing job.  I call it a residential area, but that doesn’t describe it very well.  It was a very posh neighborhood, with lots of three or four acres.  We were putting a shake roof on an enormous house, and the job took us about two weeks.  In fact, I think the job was still ongoing when I quit work to go to Trinity College.  The house was a one-story ranch, one-room deep, extending along a backyard pond.  A hallway stretched along the front, and all the rooms opened off this hall. Every room had giganitc windows that looked out on the pond and surrounding woods.  In the frontyard was an immense spread of lawn.  The yard was exquisitely landscaped with rose gardens and flower beds.  While we were putting on the roof, another crew was putting in an Olympic-size swimming pool with a built-in, roofed jacuzzi.  A refrigerator and bar were built so they could be reached without leaving the water.

We had to rip off a couple layers of old roof, and there was a lot of garbage.  I happily volunteered for clean-up duty and so got to spend most of my time enjoying the grounds.

The Brown Thrasher was feeding in the front yard, in the middle of the large expanse of lawn.

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