Bird #48 — Common Snipe

capella (diminutive of caper, goat, in allusion to its goat-like bleating sounds during territorial flights) gallinago (a hen)

Saturday, September 1, 1979 — 8:00 am

Manotowish Waters, Wisconsin — Powell Marsh Wildlife Area

Sally and I took Larry and Cindy Adams, his girlfriend du jour, up to Mom and Dad’s house for the Labor Day weekend.  I don’t remember much about the trip apart from what I can reconstruct from my bird lists.  I do recall that the girl’s slept at Dad’s house, while Larry and I went over to Fort Wilderness and sneaked into the Trading Post.  We spent the nights in one of the rooms, and nobody saw us and nobody knew we were there.

On the day in question, we drove to Black River Harbor on Lake Superior.  On the way up, we stopped at Powell Marsh.The Common Snipe was picking about on a small mud flat in the open part of the marsh near the parking lot.

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