Bird #58 — Black-throated Blue Warbler

dendroica (from dendron, tree, and oikein, to dwell) caerulescens (blue)

Thursday, September 20, 1979 — 3:15 pm

Deerfield, Illinois — Trinity College

In the fall, I began taking classes at Trinity.  I lived at home and drove in every day, completing most of my classes in the morning.  Shortly after I started, I noticed the great birding opportunities the campus offered.  It was covered with woods and fields, and there was a small pond nearby, along the tollway.  I began birding between classes, after classes, and during classes (instead of classes).

I spotted this beautiful warbler moving very rapidly through the understory of the woods on campus.  A few days later, I saw another one in nearly the same spot.  In the next eleven years, I saw an additional total of one.  If I had known how rare it would be for me, I would have made an effort to follow it.  But there were other warblers in the area, and I turned my attention to them.

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