Bird #59 — Black-throated Green Warbler

dendroica (from dendron, tree, and oikein, to dwell) virens (becoming green)

Friday, September 21, 1979 — 2:15 pm

Deerfield, Illinois — Trinity College

I was catching on to the excitement of the warbler wave.  They were swiftly becoming my favorite type of bird.  They are incredibly beautiful, and the thrill of finding a wave and suddenly being surrounded by dozens of flitting birds of several different species is birding at its best.  At times, I have been overwhelmed with so many birds around me that I couldn’t decide where to look.  I’ve had to lower my binoculars and stare in confusion.  Warblers are so colorful, there are so many varieties and the most amazing thing is that before I started birding, I had no idea they were out there.  Most of the eastern species have even shown up in my yard at one time or another.

This Black-throated Green Warbler was flitting about in the understory of the woods on campus.

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