Bird #85 — Hooded Merganser

lophodytes (from lophos crest, and dytes, diver) cucullatus (hooded)

Wednesday, November 14, 1979 — 10:30 am

Deerfield, Illinois — pond next to I-94 south of Trinity College

I cut class to go look at the ducks that I saw swimming in the pond as I drove by on the way to Trinity College.  They turned out to be Ring-neck Ducks, and they flushed and flew away as soon as I got there.  But then I saw two Hooded Mergansers swimming and diving in the same pond.

In March, 1980, I saw my first male Hooded Merganser at Crabtree and decided it was my favorite duck.  Don Walwrath, a taxidermist friend of Dad’s, sold me a mounted male that hangs on my study wall.  He wasn’t supposed to sell me the mounted bird, so he gave me a frozen bird, and I gave it back to him to mount for me for $50.00.

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