Bird #92 — Northern Harrier

circus (circle, in air) cyaneus (dark blue)

Tuesday, November 20, 1979 — 1:15 pm

Conway, Arkansas — Sturgis Road

Sally and drove into Conway, met Beverly at the Arkansas Children’s Colony where she works, and followed her to the grocery store to do some shopping. We were following her home down Sturgis Road, just over the ridge from Happy Valley, when I saw the Harrier.  It was flying low over a grassy field next to the road, white rump visible as it turned.  I pulled over to the side of the road and watched it for a few minutes.

In the center of the field was an old, dilapidated house that had been the birthplace of one of Arkansas’ state senators.  It has since been torn down (although it was pretty well along toward being down on its own) and replaced by a huge factory.

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