Bird #95 — Eastern Bluebird

sialia (bird) sialis (bird)

Tuesday, November 20, 1979 — 2:30 pm

Conway, Arkansas — Happy Valley Road

I wandered down Happy Valley Road toward Sturgis Road looking for anything interesting.  About 250 yards from the Sperry’s property, I spotted these Eastern Bluebirds perched on a wire fence along the road.  They frequently flitted down to the ground for a few seconds then flew back up to their perch on the fence.

The road ran through farmland from Sturgis Road to the Sperry’s driveway with four or five houses spaced along the mile of distance.  Horses and cows dot the fields, and a dog or three runs out from every house to bark as you pass by.  Immediately after passing the Sperry’s house, the road heads up a fairly steep ridge covered with scrubby oak and pine woods.  There were three or four houses clustered at the top of the ridge.

Since this time, the valley has gotten much more crowded, with houses every 50 yards or so and only the occasional horse or cow.  The dogs, however, are still there.

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