Bird #99 — Gray Jay

perisoreus (to heap up food) canadensis (of Canada)

Thursday, December 27, 1979 — 2:30 pm

McNaughton, Wisconsin — Mom and Dad’s house — West Spider Lake

After we finished eating our Christmas turkey, we threw the carcass on the ice on West Spider Lake, the small lake across Spider Lake Road from the house.  Our intent was to attract Gray Jays.

Two days later, Ken and Linda came into the house and told me that our plan had worked.  I went over with Ken and Sally.  The birds were active, flying down to the carcass, grabbing a little piece of meat, then flying off down the shore.  A minute or so later, back they came for more.  Ken and Sally went back to the house, but I stuck around and managed to get within five feet before they had their fill and disappeared.

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