Bird Dog BBQ

I came to Colorado Springs in May, 2012 for a conference at Focus on the Family. One evening I went searching for something interesting for supper. I ended up at Bird Dog BBQ. I ordered a baked potato with brisket. The menu said that it was available with “all the fixins.” I asked the disinterested young man behind the counter what fixins were available. Not only could he not answer my question, he had no idea what I meant by “fixins.” I attempted to explain that I was simply reading off the menu, but he just stared at me as though I was the stupid one. Finally, a young woman of considerably greater intellect came to his rescue and answered my question. The potato was tasty, but I never expected I’d return.


Soon, I will live about three miles away. Sally and I visited one evening after work. I ordered the Shotgun Spud, which I believe is the same thing I had on my previous visit, although there is no longer anything on the menu about “fixins.” It was still tasty. Sally had fries with beans and brisket and what not. She was also impressed. Signs on the walls indicated that Bird Dog has been voted best BBQ in Colorado Springs several times, for what that’s worth.


It’s a Spartan place, but nice enough. The staff this time was very friendly and seemed to be equipped with the requisite amount of brain. We will be back.


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