Cabining at Devil’s Den

We spent six nights at Devil’s Den State Park with friends and family members. The group was down this year. Tim, Velvet, Daniel and Luke were there the entire time in their camper. Beverly was in the cabin next to ours. Angela, Peggy, Jonathan, Joshua, Sarah, Keren, and Caleb came by for a day or two each. Olive and Karen each came for two nights. 

All our camping gear is in a truck somewhere, so we stayed in Cabin 4. The original, built by the CCC, burnt down in the 50’s or somewhen, so this one is a rebuild.



I got up and birded for several hours in the morning. Tim and I hiked up the road to the sign in the afternoon, then did the Yellow Rock trail with Velvet, Angela, Daniel, and Luke. Olive came late in the day and stayed in the cabin with us.






I did a little birding in the morning. Sally hiked and played cards with her mom and Peggy. It rained all afternoon and into the night. Joshua, Sarah and the kids came in the evening and stayed in the cabin. Karen came later and slept in the corner next to the fireplace. Here’s proof that it still does rain somewhere in the world. (We haven’t seen rain in Colorado since we moved out there in December.)




It was still raining lightly in the morning. Joshua, Sarah, Olive, Karen, and I walked the Devil’s Den trail. Here’s the view from behind one of the waterfalls. Olive left around noon. Jonathan came by in the afternoon. At supper, everyone came over the cabin for Sally’s chili.




Karen left early—like 4:00 am early. I walked the Yellow Rock trail with Beverly, Sally, Jonathan, Joshua, Sarah, and Caleb. Tim had us all over to his camper for a cook-out lunch. Joshua, Sarah and the kids left in the afternoon.


Rain all day. Sally had a bout of the flu and spent the day sleeping and watching TV. I hung around with her all morning until I knew she was feeling better, then explored the park in the rain. It’s the first time I’ve seen water coming over the right side of the dam. I hiked the Devil’s Den trail for the third time. Jonathan left in the afternoon. Beverly and I went over to the camper for a supper of leftovers in the damp.






Sally felt better and hung with her mom all day. I strolled along Lee Creek in the amazing morning light. Then Tim came out and we hiked to Ellis Branch and back.






In the field, spiders had made dozens of identical webs that looked like upside-down jellyfish. Each web had a second layer beneath the main web.



We packed and said goodbye and took off at 1:00 pm. We drove through Oklahoma to Oklahoma City, then cut north to Wichita. We found a Hampton Inn in the suburb of Derby and ate supper at Panera. It began raining as we returned to the motel and continued all night long. And all the next day.

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