California Airport

The Ontario Airport’s claim to being “international” is based on an occasional flight to Mexico. On the Sunday I flew home, there were only six departures all day.  But it does have a nice view of Mt. Baldy in the San Bernardino Mountains.


The small shuttle plane that brought me from Ontario to San Francisco International Airport wasn’t large enough to warrant its own gate. It parked on the tarmac, and we walked down a ramp to ground level. We had to stand around for a couple minutes until our bags were brought out of the hold, which was long enough for me to get this photo.


I had a 45 minute layover at the San Francisco Airport. One of the main concourses contained a display of Japanese toys from the past century.



 This art installation was near my gate. The circles lit up and spun when someone walked nearby.


A nearby sign read “Eric Staller’s artwork utilizes light, space and motion to delight and surprise the public. Spirogyrate is an immersive and interactive installation composed of graphic spiral patterns and light that change and respond to people’s movement through the space. The result is a whimsical environment to be enjoyed by travelers of all ages.”


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