Our ultimate destination on this vacation was Porcupine Mountain Wilderness State Park in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. In addition to Nate and Karen, six other friends planned to join us. As I’ll relate in future posts, things didn’t go exactly as planned.

This was our campsite the first night. Our tent was no more than 12 yards from the shore of Lake Superior. The waves hitting the shore, the warm afternoon sun, the trees near the peak of color and the smell of clean air right off the lake — it was marvelous. From the moment I got out of the car, I wanted to go there again sometime.


I took these shots along the shore right by our campsite.



A little later, after the sun had dipped behind the trees, I wandered along the shore for perhaps a mile. For most of the time, there was nobody else in view.





That evening was great. Four more friends showed up and set up camp. The wind picked up off the water late in the afternoon, so we moved our campfire inland about 40 yards. Sleeping was wonderful. We put a small space heater in our tent, which made it perfect for sleeping. The waves hitting the rocks just a few feet away was as soothing a sound as I’ve ever fallen asleep to.

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  1. Deb Light says:

    Love the pictures!Looks like a great get-away.I bet camping that close to the waves was AWESOME!!
    Sally deserved this time away!!And I guess you did too.LOL!

    God Bless,

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