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The Colorado Model Railroad Museum

We visited Greeley for much the same reason we visited Fort Collins—just to say we’d been there. But unlike Fort Collins which at least had a few attractions, Greeley was pretty dull. We walked up and down main street and … Continue reading

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Close to Home

After our excursion to the San Luis Valley last weekend, we decided to stick closer to home this Saturday. Our first stop was lunch, at Bingo Burger in downtown Colorado City.  A Bingo Burger, by definition, had Pueblo peppers ground … Continue reading

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Forney Museum of Transporation

This Denver museum had a little bit of everything. The dozen or so late-model Rolls Royces didn’t interest me much, but otherwise, I enjoyed it. A restored bumper car from the 50’s. 1923 Hispano Suiza Victoria Town Car. It was … Continue reading

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The Airplane Restaurant

The Boeing KC-97 first flew in 1944. It was mostly used as an in-flight refueling tanker. The one at the restaurant operated from 1953 to 1976 with the Texas Air National Guard. We were given a choice of eating in … Continue reading

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