Caught in the Storm

It was late on a Sunday afternoon. The temperatures all week had hovered in the mid-90s with miserable humidity. I’d managed to get in some early morning walks, but I’d also skipped several days. A storm had just passed through and the air felt a little cooler (if no less humid) and I decided to head out.

The sky was a poster of every type of cloud and the scene kept changing from minute to minute.



Hulk punching out his Teddy bear.


Happy pig.

I’d walked about two miles from home when a thunderstorm popped up right overhead.


The local junior high was the closest building, so I made a dash for the covered area by the front door and spent the next half hour pacing back and forth (I have to get my miles in). The rain came down hard and the sky looked angry. Sally texted me to ask if I wanted to be picked up. I could see blue sky headed my way, so I told her I’d stick it out. When the rain stopped and I heard no more thunder, I set out.

Probably a mistake. Within a couple minutes, things were decidedly dicey. The clear sky stayed in the distance, and I was out in a large field in the middle of a storm. I wasn’t alone in my foolishness. A young buck deer was grazing in the soy beans, keeping his eyes on me and ignoring the lightning in the background.


Things were getting more and more harrowing and I began walking faster.



Within a minute of when I took the photo above, everything got dark and it began to pour. I took shelter under a tree in a housing development and called my wife to rescue me. She came within minutes and I was soon safe at home where I completed my walk on the treadmill downstairs.

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