Chattanooga — Days Four and Five

Back to Maple Street Biscuits for breakfast with all my coworkers who were still in town. I showed Zeke, the owner, the red chair photo I took of him last year. He remembered it and asked if I had it with me. I said it was back at the motel. He said, “Bring it in. We need to keep this going.” But I never did.

It rained all day. I had three hours to kill before I had to be in the booth, so I went for another walk — and got wet.

IMG_3688 (2)

IMG_3692 (2)

I took this photo of a puddle on the pedestrian bridge across the Tennessee River.

IMG_3682 (2)

I don’t know if there used to be a church attached to this steeple, but it’s unusual. The congregation was small, but tall.


The booth was open from 1:00 to 5:00 again. I spotted Ivana taking a break in the red chair during a slow time.


We ate supper at The Public House. Our waiter had a pretty good shtick — he found out we were at CPC and immediately began telling us he went to Dallas Theological Seminary and held the record for the three-legged race in Awana, among other things. Some of it may even have been true. The pot roast he recommended disappointed all of us who got it. The key lime pie for dessert, on the other hand, was very good.

Three of our number — Donna, Michael and Carly, had taken off early in the morning to drive home. They got caught in the storm that dumped a foot of snow on the Tennessee/Kentucky border and had to stay a night in a motel. That storm was pretty much the sole topic of conversation during the day and evening.

We worked the booth for a couple hours in the evening, then tore down with help from some other Awana staff who were attending the conference.

We woke up on Saturday to a very light dusting of snow.We went to Bluegrass Grill for an excellent breakfast. Here’s a shot of the streets of Chattanooga. Notice the snow? Now notice the specials sign in the restaurant.


We decided to leave a little later to give the snow plows further north a chance to clear the roads. Five of us — Bethany, Cindy and Ivana in a car and Zac and me in the truck — took off around 9:00 eastern time.

IMG_3707 (2)

IMG_3706 (2)

I posted this photo of Zac on facebook with the comment: “With a sturdy hand on the wheel and a gritty, determined look, Zac is bravely prepared for whatever Winter Storm Jonas throws at our rental truck as we drive home from Chattanooga.”


We didn’t get very far north before the snow started getting deeper. Interstate 24 was pretty clear. When we switched over to I-65 in Nashville, things were different. The road was packed with ice and the drive was very bumpy. We counted 68 vehicles off the road — some of them way off the road. As soon as we hit the Kentucky border, the roads were clear. It’s just Tennessee, I guess, that has no idea how to clear snow.


We meet up with the three women at a Pizza Hut in Munfordville, Kentucky, then we each went our separate ways. Zac drove until just north of Louisville, and then I drove the rest of the way. We got home around 8:30, but we can’t figure out how we made such good time.

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