Coronado Springs

In past years, my friends and coworkers Michayla and Julie have been at CPC with me. On both occasions, we visited a Disney Park and then celebrated with a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar from the gift shop at Coronado Springs Resort. They didn’t come down this year, but they both asked me to have an ice cream bar for them. And so I did.


Jose Carioca, Panchito Pistoles and Donald Duck in topiary outside Coronado Springs Resort. As I was taking this photo, a family set up for a group shot on the other side of the statues. I walked behind them and grabbed the chair and the woman taking the photo looked startled and then started laughing. She hadn’t noticed it.


I first visited Coronado Springs Resort in 2011 as an attendee at the Children’s Pastors’ Conference. I returned each of the next three years to work in the Awana booth. Next year, CPC is moving to Chattanooga. It’s likely that I’ll never return to Coronado Springs, and that makes me a little sad. Not that I think it’s such an amazing place, but it has been the setting for some memorable occasions.

Just to give a few examples (there are many more)

I decided I couldn’t leave without a couple more Red Chair photos.


An Orange County policeman pulled up next to me and said my chair was “nifty.” He asked me about it and I explained as I walked along. Moments after he pulled away, I realized I’d just missed a chance to get a photo of him holding it in his car. Rats!


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