Day Five — Wandering About Minot

I got up early on Wednesday, this time on purpose, and went for a stroll around Minot.

The Souris River just behind the Dakotah Rose Bed & Breakfast.


I strolled through a residential neighborhood, then headed for downtown. I never made it into downtown proper. I walked across a bridge over the river and a rail yard.


I noticed a stairway that led down into the yard. There didn’t appear to be any signs telling me to keep out, so I climbed down.


I wanted a better angle on the sunrise, so I climbed up onto the wooded walkway visible in the photo above and took this shot. Trains were moving through the area, so I relaxed and enjoyed the view.


When I got to the other end of the bridge, I had to climb over this sign. Rather ominous, but I’m alive to tell the tale. I’m surprised I didn’t get arrested.


On the way back to the house, I passed an abandoned, flood-damaged church that was for sale.


Here’s one of many abandoned houses.


Just down the block from the bed & breakfast, I happened upon a flock of Wild Turkeys on the levy along the river right in the middle of Minot. They watched me cautiously, but made no attempt to leave.


I was back in plenty of time to shower before breakfast.

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