Devil’s Den Cave

Jonathan wasn’t around on Monday morning when we hiked the Devil’s Den Trail, and he wanted to see it. Sally and I went along for company. I brought a flashlight so we could explore the cave. Unfortunately, I didn’t check to see how good the batteries were. When we got to the cave, I discovered they weren’t very good.

Jonathan and I handed it back and forth and went maybe 150 feet back into the cave. We spotted several bats, which I think were Eastern Pipistrels.

When we came out, there was an older couple chatting with Sally. They asked if we could see back in the cave without a light. I said no, but that I’d sell them my flashlight for $50. They declined the offer.

Below left: Sally and Jonathan (her brother) in the Devil’s Ice Box. (Hey, I don’t name these things.)

Below right: I also took another shot of Sally walking under the waterfall.

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