Devil’s Den

On Monday morning, we walked the trail that gives Devil’s Den State Park its name. “We” included Sally, my daughter and me and Tim and Velvet with their kids — Katherine, Joshua, Angela, Daniel and Luke. The trail is a mile and a half long. It climbs the bluffs along Lee Creek past a bunch of caves, crevasses and rock formations. The weather could not have been nicer — in the 50s and clear — perfect for hiking.

Angela and my daughter in Devil’s Den Cave. I’m told it goes back about 300 feet, but it opens behind a rock so very little light enters. The girls are right by the entrance, but even here it is almost pitch dark.

Joshua did the most climbing, having never passed up a challenge in his life.

We had to pass under a waterfall. in the shot on the left, Tim and my daughter watch Sally take her turn. On the right, the whole group nears the falls. Joshua is the blur on the right heading back through the waterfall just for fun.

Double Falls itself didn’t amount to much, as you can see. As soon as we passed it, the trail dropped down to the level of Lee Creek.

My daughter and Katherine on a rock formation.

One cliff along the trail looked like Swiss cheese. Katherine, my daughter and Angela climbed up and posed.

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