Almost everyone in the family gathered in Conway for Art Sperry’s funeral. It was a sad/happy couple of days as we remembered Sally’s dad and enjoyed being together.

Larry Pillow recently married my sister-in-law, Peggy, and so had to undergo the family ritual of the Red Chair photo at Beverly’s house.


The last time I saw my nephew, Jason Cotter, he was in high school. He’s now a husband and the father of three girls, two of which are twins!


On an afternoon when everybody was relaxing, Lindy, Angela and I decided to head out for a milkshake at The Purple Cow, Conway’s newest diner. The milkshakes were excellent, and the server was friendly. Lindy asked to buy one of their signature purple cow toys, but they were out, so I asked if I could borrow one of the decorations from behind the counter to sit in the chair.



The family took over Cactus Jack’s for dinner on Tuesday night.

Down the left side: Jordan, JoLynn, Peggy, Larry, Beth, Jacob, Tim, Velvet, Daniel, Luke

Up the right side: Beverly, Sally, me, Sarah, Joshua, Elizabeth, Rae Lyn, Jonathan, Phil, Terri, Angela (standing), Jason


Lindy took the photo, so here’s another to prove she was there.


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