Fun in the Burbs

I first noticed the trail of slime that ran across my front porch and down the sidewalk. Then I saw the blob of melted slush on the door. I walked on. Soon I saw the large letters written in Cheez Whiz on my driveway, and the streaks of chocolate and caramel syrup that criss-crossed the garage door, and the toilet paper in the tree. It wasn’t until later than I noticed the egg splattered across the siding.

It’s so much fun to be the parent of a teen. I went inside and woke up said teen and informed her that she was immediately to get dressed and join me outside. She went to work on the door while I grabbed the hose and tackled the cheese. Here’s a guide to cleaning up:

  • Cheez Whiz comes off blacktop with a concentrated spray of water.
  • Syrup comes off a garage door the same way, but with a bit more effort. Spray it, then wait five minutes and spray again. It comes off the second time.
  • Egg comes off aluminum siding with a mixture of warm water and white vinegar — just don’t let it bake in the sun.
  • Melted ice cream on cement is a different story — it stains.

There was no damage done, just a mess to clean up, so I didn’t call the police. I got it all cleaned up early in the morning before the kids who did it could come by and gloat.

In the afternoon, we met up with our good friends Will and Margaret (left) and Jim and Debbie (right) for a Road Rally at Medinah Baptist Church.

We competed with 10 other couples in a four-hour competition. We were given a map and a grid of game shows  and sent to our first destination — the home of a couple from the church. At that site, and at 14 others, we had to participate in some game to figure out a clue to our next destination.

At one place we had to unscramble letters to make the words “tile game,” which led us to the site for the game Scrabble. At another, we had to put on Mickey Mouse ears and tails and dance to the Hokey-Pokey, which was our clue for the game “Tattle Tales.” We drove 50+ miles, never went to a wrong site and only took more than a minimum of time at one site — where none of us could manage to sink a short putt.

I was intending to take more photos of the stuff we did, but we were in a total all-out rush for the entire four hours. When we were in the car, we were calling people trying to get answers to game-show-related trivia questions and listening to a CD of game-show theme songs and trying to figure out what show they went to and navigating to our next site. In addition, at the fourth or fifth stop, I smashed the top of my head getting into the van. All that to say that I only took two photos, one of my group heading for one of the houses (left) and one of our activity at another site (right). The little containers held fortune cookies with fortunes that read “GOODYEAR of luck” which, along with the fact that they were fortune cookies led us to the site for Wheel of Fortune.

We came in fifth, which wasn’t too bad, and had a great time. We ended the day with a catered meal.

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