Getting Ready to Move

Our lives at this time were complicated. Both of us were working—me from home and Sally on her usual schedule.

I had a Skype meeting with Cynthia and Maddie. They made a point of showing me what it looked like out the office window. So I showed them what it looked like out my window.


We had to have our house tested for radon. The guy came to set up two machines—one by the fireplace and one in the basement—at the same time the buyer’s house inspector came, so we left. When we got back, we had these notices pasted all over the house. I was already beginning to feel like it wasn’t my place anymore.


Free time was spent packing and making moving arrangements. I made it outside for a couple walks, but not many. When I did, it looked like this. (This is a color photo.)


I took one final stroll through Main Street Prairie and one final panorama of the barn.


Eventually, even Clyde had to be packed away. I felt like I was at a funeral.


It snowed on the fourth.



One last shot out my study window.


The home inspection report was shocking at first. The guy measured the distance between the railings on the porch, deck and stairway and said the spindles were too far apart for safety. He also measured the stairs and said the top step down to the basement was ¾ of an inch too high, creating a tripping hazard. The buyers didn’t claim anything on those issues, which is good because we weren’t going to give them anything. There was a spot on the ceiling in the attic that might be mold. There were some minor plumbing and electrical issues. And a lot of the windows had broken seals. 

We knew about the windows. It was the next project we were planning on doing if we’d stayed in the house. So we paid for the windows. We told them the money was for the windows and for the attic mold—if there was any—and for a warranty on the appliances that they also wanted. They agreed. So, for the price of getting the windows fixed, we covered a lot of issues. A handyman came out and fixed the plumbing issues, and Josh fixed the electrical stuff for us. 

The radon report showed that we were just under the threshold for having to get it fixed. All of this was additional pressure on top of getting packed, working and figuring out the move. We felt very much as if our actual life was on hold. 

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